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X Force Foundation has officially launched a green energy track and invested in Chia fork Silicoin

In recent years,many well-known projects have shifted to more energy-efficient proof of rights and interests,which indicates that green energy is the underlying core concept of both the current general trend of the world and the development direction of future project.We believe that the investment direction layout of this track is a reasonable.

The most obvious advantage of green energy is that it is “regeneration”.According to estimates by Octopus Energy,the world’s fossil-fuel supply might run out by 2060.But as long as the earth exists,green energy sources are also stick with it,such as wind,solar,geothermal or hydropower.Bitcoin mining is expected to run until 2140,and if the deal is true,sufficient energy will be needed to sustain miners through that time.Another advantage of green energy is to protece and sustain the environment.At present,the environmental damage caused by mining is also the main reason for the controversy.

At present,in the whole cryptocurrency field,only Chia ecology is the most condidtent with the core track of green energy.Therefore,after in-depth investigation and research,we have invested in the best quality project Silicoin in Chia ecology and to officially develop green Chia ecology.

Why Silicoin?

After in-depth research and discussion,we come to the conclusion that Chia ecology is the absolute leader of future green energy track,and currently the best fork chain of Chia ecology is Silicoin.The reasons are as follows:

1.Silicoin conforms to the concept of green energy perfectly.Silicoin is based on the core transformation of Chia,so it completely inherits all the core concepts of green energy and supports one map and two excavations.In the background of the current strict mining policies in many regions,the future green energy mining projects is the way out,and many miners who have no choice will be able to enter the mine in the future.

2.Compared with Chia,Silicoin has created a set of ecological mechanisms that increase the value of tokens and reduce the circulation of tkoens,thus making it possible for projects to develop in the long term and avoid following Chia’s path.

Such a mechanism is Silicoin dynamic Staking.In simple term,miners can use SIT tokens to stake mining.The more tokens staked,the less difficult and more profitable mining will be. On the other hand,if 0 stake completely,the difficulty of mining miners will increase a lot of course,we know the benefits of staking,especially for large miners,staking more tokens means higher returns,but many small miners do not have such resources,so non-compulsory mortgage mining also encourages small and medium-sized miners to contribute to the whole network computing power,because in the model of staking mechanism.The overall ecology can avoid the centralization problem caused by resource and capital monopoly.

Therefore,when small miners do not have certain calculation power,it is not necessary to stake mining,and more large miners will choose to stake mining,which also the basis of the overall ecological fairness.

With a complete economic model,its tokens have good long-term value and a thorough ecosystem,which allows many Chia miners to recoup their cost faster.

3.Silicoin has great potential for long-term development.

Unlike many Chia forks projects that have been involved in hot spots,Silicoin has seriously researched and developed a set of long-term development plans,while many other projects are just involved in hot spots without their own core features and ideas,which cannot be developed in the long term.

In Silicoin ecological mechanism,small and medium-sized miners can choose to be more flexible and join the ecosystem at a lower threshold,contributing to a more decentralized and fairer network,and at the same time restricting the development of large miners to form a monopoly.Large enterprises stake more tokens for their faster repayment,while the high demand will ensure the benign development of the market,so as not to harm the interests of small and medium-sized miners.Therefore,the whole ecological miners of different sizes check and balance each other under this stake mechanism,and have the potential of long-term development.

Silicoin Official Website


Founded in 2021,the X-Force Foundation is a venture capital firm that supports bold entrepreneurs building the future thtough technology.The X-Force Foundation focuses on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, metasexes,and mining.

After deliberation,X Force Foundation believes that green energy is one of the best tracks to invest in the future,and has selected Silicoin in Chia ecology.We believe that this cooperation will enable X Force Foundation and Silicoin to achieve a “win-win” environment and promote the vigorous development of green energy encryption ecology together.

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