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X FORCE Foundation has been the angel investor of TESAI

Since the development of the blockchain world, as its technology continues to mature and its application scenarios continue to enrich, it has brought unlimited possibilities and demonstrated its huge potential. The essence of WEB3 is the precipitation of data, or the precipitation of human knowledge and technological development. This precipitation is fermenting at an extraordinary speed and efficiency, and derives new knowledge and experience.

The X-Force Foundation has always paid attention to and been deeply involved in the development of WEB3. In July 2024, the X-Force Foundation announced a strategic investment in TESAI with an investment amount of US$ 5 million. This investment is another important move by the X-Force Foundation in the blockchain field and a reflection of the foundation’s strong confidence in the future development of the TESAI platform.


About TESAI:

TESAI is the first AI computing power platform to adopt a high deflationary mechanism, computational balance mechanism, and burning mechanism, offering promising high-value prospects. Utilizing distributed computing and smart contract technology, TESAI provides robust computational support for real-time data processing, AI applications, and other high-computational demand scenarios. TESAI charges fees and distributes them to users who purchase computing power nodes through the platform’s innovative token reward mechanism. It is the first to create a fair, convenient, secure, and highly valuable investment environment for computing power through the innovative Dex414 protocol.

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About X Force:

Founded in 2021, X-Force Foundation is a professional investment institution focusing on blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and mining. X-Force Foundation has become a strategic investor and partner of many digital currency projects with its excellent investment capabilities and professional industry insights.

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