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X Force Foundation established a lab focus on cryptocurrency mining

X Force Foundation invested in the establishment of a mining lab to strengthen the involvement of the primary market.

Since cryptocurrencies are in a bear market cycle, crypto enthusiasts’ investment choices have gradually returned to mining coins that pursue Bitcoin’s primitivism.

In view of this, X FORCE FOUNDATION decided to set up a special team to focus on participating in the testnet and mainnet of various mining coins.

But sure, X FORCE will not participate in all projects that can be mined. Only those coins that have not conducted private placement or raised funds with a longer lock-up period will be considered. Such as ALEO NETWORK, IRON FISH and so on.

At the same time, X Force will increase its investment in these mining coin ecosystems. For example, mining pools, mining service providers, wallets, etc. For specific information, please pay attention to the official follow-up release.

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