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Trust Finance-Layer2 Network Layer Aggregation Trading Platform Receives Series A Investment from X FORCE Foundation

Since the merger of Ethereum, the Layer2 ecological sector has developed rapidly and has quickly become the focus of attention in the blockchain industry. With the continuous maturity of Layer 2 technology and the continuous enrichment of application scenarios, it has become a recognized important development direction of the blockchain industry. Layer 2 has brought unlimited possibilities to the blockchain industry and demonstrated its huge potential. potential.

X-Force Foundation has always paid attention to and deeply participated in the development of Layer2. In June 2023, X-Force Foundation announced a strategic investment in Trust Finance and participated in the platform’s A round of financing with an investment amount of US$5 million. This investment is another important move of the X-Force Foundation in the blockchain field, and it is also a manifestation of the foundation’s strong confidence in the future development of Trust Finance, a Layer 2 network layer aggregation trading platform.

Trust Finance (Layer2 network layer aggregation trading platform) is a Layer2-based, permissionless multi-chain revenue automation protocol. According to the predefined risk status and preferences, this agreement will continuously deploy the assets deposited by users into the most profitable strategy. Trust Finance is committed to creating a lightweight, open and free decentralized financial world.

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About X Force:

Founded in 2021, X-Force Foundation is a professional investment institution focusing on blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and mining. With its excellent investment capabilities and professional industry insight, X-Force Foundation has become a strategic investor and partner of many digital currency projects.

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