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Helix NFT invested by X Force Foundation will launch at OpenSea in September 2021

NFT is undoubtedly an absolute popular spot in the current market,so many investors are eager to find high-quality value NFTs to participate.OpenSea ,as the world’s largest NFT tarding platform,will launch a very high-quality game IP exclusive in the next coming days.NFT,let us have a look on that together.

Helix NFT is going to launch at OpenSea

The famous Japanese mobile game Helix Horizon,which was acquired by Tencent,is a card game masterpiece produced by the famous director Yoshimitsu Ohashi himself,It is also called the Spiral Boundary Line.It is a Japanese fantasy RPG that integrates cultivation,combat,stratrgy,and cards.Recently,the X FORCE Foundation and FUTURES Foundation,invested and release a new Helix NFT series of cards based on game IP after got the exdusive IP authorization,In mid-September,Helix NFT products will be officially launched jointly with OpenSea.

X FORCE Foundation is a professional investment institution focusing on blockchain infrastructure,DeFi,NFT,GameFi and mining,It has successfully invested in blockchain projects such as IPFS,Hopr,and participated in private equity such as Chia Network and Immutable.

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