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X Force Foundation involved in funding of HEC Chain

In June 2023, HEC Chain announced the completion of a multi-million dollar A round of financing. According to the evaluation of relevant professional institutions, the total valuation of this round of financing of the project is about 3 billion.

The public chain has always been one of the most important investment tracks in the blockchain. Therefore, X Force has been paying close attention to some projects on this track and participating in co-investment.

HEC’s mission is to establish its own public chain and become the first defi project that can be applied by HEC · chain. As stated in the white paper, we believe that HEC Chain will have very strong competitiveness after the product is finally launched. Therefore, HEC Chain gets $30 million-plus funding from X Force finally.

HEC Chain Official link:

About X Force:

Founded in 2021, X-Force Foundation is a professional investment institution focusing on blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and mining. With its excellent investment capabilities and professional industry insight, X-Force Foundation has become a strategic investor and partner of many digital currency projects.

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